SUMMARY: What is the Software Management Interface to a 3310 Array?

From: Dave Martini 1 <>
Date: Fri Jun 18 2004 - 13:32:09 EDT
Thanks to all who replied!!

Answer: You don't have to use Veritas or Disk Suite to configure the disks
in a 3310 with a hardware  RAID controller.
You can connect through the serial port or telnet in
and use the menu based system to configure and group the disks
into logical volumes.

William Enestvedt sent a great explanation of how this works.
Here is his reply.

 Two things: you use the text-drive interface on the RAID to bind
disks into RAID sets (on just to set them up as individual disks), and
then assign those to LUNs. When you reboot the Sun host and it links
those LUNs to /dev/dsk/whatever, you can then use the familiar litany of
format,newfs,fsck,mount to make the slices useable...OR you can use SDS,
or Veritas, or whatever else you have to do the mirroring.
   The difference is, of course, that a RAID set configured on the array
itself does the multiple reads & writes demanded by the
mirroring/striping on its *hardware* while using software like DiskSuite
to mirror incurs the overhead of doing all those mutliple operations
through the CPU and the software. Since you're paying for the controller
in the 3310 (which differentiates it from the cheaper JBOD
configuration), you might as well take advantage of it!

My original question:
We are ordering a 3310 array with a single hardware RAID
controller connected to a  V250.
I've used mostly Veritas Volume Manager and Disksuite
and haven't worked with hardware controller before. 

How does one configure the disks in this array is there a separate
utility that comes with it (gui or web)? Can you use Disksuite 
and or Veritas or is it not needed since it's hardware raid? I assume
I can setup the same raid types 0, 1, 5 etc. on this array as other
non hardware disk arrays.

David Martini
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