SUMMARY: Unable to log in using "Usr's last Desktop" after a restoration of the /usr slice.

From: David Matinyarare <>
Date: Thu May 13 2004 - 07:00:26 EDT
Thanks a lot to all those who had their time trying to get what could
have gone wrong with post problem. I managed to sort the problem
straight somehow. After restoring /usr, I then went on to restore /
(root) as well. Though I am not quet sure whether such a procedure is
needed, If I only have the /usr partition corrupt and only want to
restore the /usr partition, not the root (/) partition. Well, but then
the problem disappeared. I am still testing my "disastor procedure
preparedness", so in case I get another easy, straight forward solution
will definately post it. On the other hand if someone out there has had
a similar problem and got a straight easy way to restore /usr partition
only , I would be grateful to have it.
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