SUMMARY: Support for multiple mice

From: David Markowitz <>
Date: Tue May 18 2004 - 17:58:28 EDT
I only received one response, from David Foster (Thanks), which

> You could consider getting a tablet/mouse like one from Wacom,
> comes with drivers that enable it's use concurrently with a mouse.
> The tablets come with a mouse as well.

This might work, but is a rather expensive solution (~$350).

I have opted (for now) to go to an exposition of adapted equipment that
happens to be upcoming near me in three weeks.  I'll see if I can find
a hardware solution there.

If not, I may contact Wacom.  Perhaps they'll make me a deal.  :)

Original Message:

Does anyone out there know of a way (or a plan) to add support for
multiple USB pointers (mice, etc.) to Solaris?  This is not currently
supported, but would be very useful for those of us with limited manual

AccessX is nice, but what I need is the ability to use my left hand to
hold down a mouse button while using my right to drag.  I used to do
this using the Sun Interface Adapter, which allowed a Sun mouse and a
PS/2 pointer at the same time.  MouseKeys doesn't do it, and I can't
even get it to work as mouse buttons (suggestions?).
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