SUMMARY: Sendmail novice

From: Adrian Phipps (AC) <>
Date: Thu Apr 29 2004 - 09:40:37 EDT
Hi there,

Thanks to Nicolas Figaro for his information. Apparently sendmail does
not have this failover function but using a third party tool like bind
can help.

"sendmail doesn't know how to do this, but setting mx entries in your
dns can help.

Ask your dns administrator for this config, or grab bind at"

Adrian Phipps

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> Subject:	Sendmail novice
> Hi all,
> I have received a request from one of my users and it has got me
> stumped since my knowledge of sendmail is very poor. He wants me to
> setup sendmail that if the main relay server does not respond then
> sendmail should use a failover server. Is this possible and if so
> how do I specify to sendmail to use "SERVER2" when "SERVER1" is not
> responding?
> Regards
> Adrian Phipps
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