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From: David Matinyarare <>
Date: Thu Apr 22 2004 - 09:08:44 EDT
Thanks a lot to all those who corrected my mistake. I.e. sending an empty mail
to all sunmanagers. What I intended to do was:
Thanks to all. All of you pointed somehow to manual layout the slices.

My original problem was:

At what stage In the installation of solaria 8 do I do the disk partition.
After doing an auto-install I noticed that there is the root (/) and the
"/export/home" directory partioned and mounted. When I wanted to disk
partition, with different sizes of slices using "format" and label it I got
something which says "it cannot be labeled when mounted or  it is in use. In
addition to the root (/) and /export/home, I wanted to disk partition /usr,
/var, /opt , do a file system and then mount them.

Does anyone know any documentation which goes step-by-step in solaris
installation. i.e: Disk partition Creating files systems on slices Mounting
files systems, and then Installation of the solaris to the disk partitions.


I can't be specific, but after the time when you select the boot disk, you are
given an opportunity to accept the disk, configured as the system suggests.
But, one of the options  (#3, I think) is to manually layout the disk. You
need to select the manual option to re-partition the disk.

If you don't do it then, you're screwed (as you found out).

Dave H

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