SUMMARY: Re: UG! Really dumb but very serious problem....

From: Jon Hudson <>
Date: Fri Jun 04 2004 - 10:06:43 EDT
Thanks everyone for the quick responses.

For the curious, this was a development host testing SAN speeds and HBA
driver behavior, a script to move data around had a wee little typo in
it. No malice, just a rouge / hanging out where it shouldn't =)

There were a few options.

While a few suggested booting from CD and using the install to restore
/usr, Sun support heavily advised against this option. Said it could
cause unwanted and unpredictable results.

Another option was to tar up /usr on a sister host and copy it over.
(this option favored by Sun) This proved difficult since the root drive
was encapsulated with veritas and the host could not be brought up
enough to safely un-encap the root drive.

Most suggestions fell around these two ideas.

After playing around for a while I decided that re-installing is the
safest option. Even if I restored /usr I would always worry the host
wasn't stable. All the data in on the SAN anyway, all I lost was a boot
drive. And this gives me a change to test my new build procedure =)

For those who (totally correctly) gave little jokes about backups:  /etc
was backed up. /usr was not as this was a dev host. But I think I may
reconsider this policy ;-)

Thanks much, this list rocks as always.

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