SUMMARY : Blade-Cluster

From: Andres Ballestas <>
Date: Tue Apr 13 2004 - 18:17:03 EDT

Thanks all people sent your comments, the resume.

For free clustering I think you'll need to use linux rather than Solaris. For cheap(ish) clustering look at RSF-1 from Then again you could always buy a couple of second hand VAX machines. ;-)
by Joe Fletcher

It's more difficult to do useful work without some form of sharedstorage between the two, but you might check out FreeHA.
by Darren Dunham

Un grid engine 5.3 is free. I will test it in the future
by Gerard Henry

OpenMOSIX cluster freeware, and see their documents.
by Sundar

You could do a cold standy type cluster. You could write a script that watches for a certain event then trigger an app shutdown on server A and a start on B.
You won't be able to use like Sun cluster or Veritas cluster. Sun has a PDF on creating a Beowolf cluster ....
by Jeremy Loukinas

by Reggie Beavers

However, OpenBSD on Sparc should be able to run CARP failover, if you're doing web or something it might work..
by Paul Greidanus

I choose a few options, I will send my comments.


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