SUMMARY: Read OK, Write Errors

From: <>
Date: Thu Apr 29 2004 - 11:36:51 EDT
Turned out it was the switch. I connected the array directly to the server,
copied 13 GB, and got no errors.

Thanks to Tim Chipman for his suggestion that the disks in the arrays may
have bad sectors.
Thanks to Alan Pae for his suggestion that I talk to the vendor, which I
had already done. It was the vendor who gave confirmed that my idea of
removing the switch from the equation was a good thing to test.


Andrew Rotramel
04/28/2004 04:19 PM


Subject:    Read OK, Write Errors

I am having trouble writing to, but not reading from, an array.

It is a Raid 5 array conntected to an E450 running Solaris 2.6. The
connection goes from the server, through an Antares P-036 fiber card,
through a copper cable, to a Gadzooks 1 GB fiber switch, through a copper
cable, to an Infortrend 2200 array controller with internal SCSI disks.

Copying TO the array from another array gives me this error about once per
"SCSI transport failed: reason 'aborted'

The data seems to copy fine, but with that error.

Copying TO one array partition to another array partition on the same array
gives me the same error. (Solaris sees an array partition as a hard drive).

Copying FROM the array gives me no error.

Since the copy FROM is OK, I am guessing that the HBA, switch and cables
are OK, and the problem is with the array itself. Any suggestions on how to
troubleshoot this?
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