[SUMMARY]: rdesktop: how to print on unix network printer?

From: Gerard Henry <ghenry_at_cmi.univ-mrs.fr>
Date: Tue Mar 30 2004 - 07:16:57 EST
thanks to Chris Hoogendyk, Tim Chipman, Hendrik Visage

unfortunately, no solution at this moment, with rdesktop.
I search on google, it seems that rdesktop implements RDP4.0, not RDP5.0+, which will be capable of local printing. I subscribe to rdesktop-users forum, but got no response again :(
No need to install samba or anything else, it really depends on RDP protocol
And it is not a solution, in my case, to declare a network printer on win term server.
i found a link about a commercial product, based on java, done by Hob, but i don't test it at this moment

Here is my initial post:
> i'm using rdesktop 1.3.0 to launch a financial application on a sunray from a widows terminal server. Everything works fine except printing.
> We do the same on macosx, with an rdp client which knows how to print on local network printer.
> W$ guys say to me that i can't print from rdestop on solaris. They don't want to install a network printer on their windows server, so i try to find a solution.
> Do i need to install samba? it's not installed on my server
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