SUMMARY: Solaris 9 12/03: Problem initializing NFS over UDP

From: Jonas Olsson <>
Date: Thu Mar 11 2004 - 10:58:24 EST
This is a summary of my question to the list on January 6 regarding
problems to initiate NFS over UDP on a newly installed and patched Solaris
9 12/03 server.

With the kind help of Tom Schmidt I was able to eventually resolve the
problem by installing the appropriate patch. I am forwarding his advice to
the list.

The problem I had was that our install procedure was installing
an obsolete patch, 114231-01, after patch 113278-04.  Patch
113278-04 obsoleted the 114231-01 patch, but for some reason,
it did not prevent the obsolete patch from being able to be
        My fix was to remove 114231-01 using "patchrm 114231-01"
and rebooting.  But some systems had the patch installed with
"patchadd -d" so that they could not be backed out.  So to fix
them, I had to use "patchadd -u 113278-04" and reboot to force
a reload of the correct patch.
        Based on the data you had in your original SunManagers
report, I see that you have 113278-04 installed, but I don't
know if you have 114231-01 or -02 installed.  Try this:

        showrev -p | egrep '(114231|113278)'

You were getting the same rpcmod error message in /var/adm/messages
as I was, so I suspect you may have the same patch issue I had.

I had indeed installed both 113278-04 and 114231-02. Re-applying patch
113278-04 with "patchadd -u" resolved the problem completely.


  /Jonas Olsson
   Linkvping University
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