[SUMMARY] Problem after Changing IP Address

From: John.B.Kelly <John.B.Kelly_at_ul.ie>
Date: Wed Mar 10 2004 - 07:22:38 EST
Hi All,

The original problem was that after changing a machine's IP address and
rebooting, the machine hung with the last message visible being

Setting default IPv4 interface for multicast: add net 224.0/4: gateway

Thanks to the numerous people who replied who suggested things like using
sys-unconfig to minimise problems when doing this kind of work and also
suggested some other files which may need modification. In the end the
problem was correctly identified by Simon Burr as being that the machine was
trying to mount NFS partitions that it could no longer see. When I stopped
trying to mount these partitions, these problems ceased. Now all I've got to
do is figure out why it can no longer see them...

Thanks again to all who replied,
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