SUMMARY -- vipw problems

From: Brent Bailey <>
Date: Fri Feb 20 2004 - 10:13:21 EST
In the original question i asked what was the command to write & exit from
vipw...the program thats used to edit the /etc/passwd file. I was using

ESC - :ZZ & :wq!

however the file would not get written to

The answers i recieved really didnt help that much. Almost everyone
responded with use

this doesnt work !

In calling Sun support (yes i have a sun contract thank god)
i was told that vipw...more importantly
/usr/ucb/vipw  is not supported and is being removed eventually

in fact everything that is in the /usr/ucb/  diretory is to be removed
from future releases at some point. and is conciderded LEGACY or old and
will be unsupported & removed in the future.

Brent Bailey CCNA
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