SUMMARY: recommended LDAP server

From: Jochen Laubrock <>
Date: Fri Feb 06 2004 - 03:51:30 EST

thanks a lot for the fast and informative replies. The following is a 
summary of suggestion by
   Christopher Saul <chris at>
   Gregory Shaw <shawga at>
   Gabriel Rosenkoetter <gr at>
   Alan Pae <alanpae at >

Here is the summary:

Q: which LDAP server (Sun or OpenLDAP) to use in a mixed environment of 
Solaris 2.8 native LDAP and Mac OS X OpenLDAP clients

A: Use Sun's LDAP server  (currently Sun Java System Directory Server 
Here are the pros and cons for DS 5.2 if compared to openldap
+ faster
+ easier to manage
+ scales better
+ integration with Solaris native ldap clients is much easier
- integration with some open source apps and services (e.g. samba) is 
more difficult

Additional information:
+ use the latest version (currently 5.2), because earlier versions 
(especially 4.x) are unsupported
+ use solaris 9 for the server
+ to get secured solaris 8 clients, use backport from solaris 9 ldap 
client (patch 108993-xx)
+ test in a lab environment before you deploy
+ recommended literature: Haines & Bialaski (2003)
- due to active development, ldap server documentation is sometimes 

Regards, Jochen
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