SUMMARY: Performance issues with SunFire V480Rs in a veritas cluster

From: Mark Andrews <>
Date: Thu Feb 12 2004 - 08:59:22 EST
A bit of background on this problem. We've got two sparc Solaris 9 
Sunfire V480Rs
in a Veritas cluster with the cluster managed by VCS. The cluster offers 
nfs services
to a large number of workstations. When i benchmarked the i/o speeds to 
the cluster,
i found that the read bandwidth was high, while the write bandwidth was 

Turns out the problem was a veritas limitation caused by the number of 
nfsd processes
that VCS launches. VCS starts only 16 nfsd processes, irrelevant of the 
value of
NFSD_SERVERS in /etc/default/nfs.

Took us awhile to find that one.
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