SUMMARY : providing more user space

From: Jordi Renye/FIB/UPC <>
Date: Mon Feb 09 2004 - 04:58:20 EST
Hi Gurus,
I am too happy to summarize feedbacks to my question.
Thanks so much Gurus
Jordi Renye


KUMAR, Bageshwar, FM

You have listed most of the options available. ANother option is to use
Veritas volume manager, but this will involve cost. Dissuite is the best
Dave Foster

Using disksuite to stripe 2 partitions is your
best solution, it will give larger partition and
improve performance. 

From: "Jordi Renye/FIB/UPC" 
"We have a Sun Enterprise 450 Server, with Solaris 8,
"with 4 disks of 16 Gbytes each one.
"But now, users need more space than 16gbytes. We require
"unique path to users disk.
"Which are my options and which is the best 
"on performance ?
"- Use Disksuite to concatenate 2 partitions

does give you all the space in one pool.

"- Use disksuite to stripping 2 partitions

this should give you the best performance, especially if you can put
the disks on separate controllers.  but even if they aren't, -most-
disk i/o transactions are small - pg faults, plus possible read-ahead
- and a matched stripe size will keep activity spread across the disks
no matter how localized it is in the fs, while still needing only one
head seek per i/o most of the time.

i don't know the optimum stripe, but that should be buried -somewhere-
in the disksuite docs.

"- Use links at user level to link single user directories
"to another partition

problem here is: what if one user needs 20G?

"- other solutions?
"Thanks in advanced,

Andrew Hay 

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