SUMMARY : stripe size of SE3510

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Date: Sun Feb 08 2004 - 20:50:47 EST
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Sven Heydecke
Grzegorz Bakalarski

Summary :
As the 3510FC and the original-branded Dothill Sannet II FC are 
using the Infortrend Eon2510 controllers, stripe size with the last 
recent firmware releases should be as following:

RAID 0, optimization for sequential I/O: 128k
RAID 0, optimization for random I/O: 32k
RAID 3, optimization for sequential I/O: 16k
RAID 3, optimization for random I/O: 4k
RAID 5, optimization for sequential I/O: 128k
RAID 5, optimization for random I/O: 32k

When I do remember right, the optimization for random I/O will 
only work 
for logical drives (RAID sets oder LUNs in speech of others) 
with size  smaller than 512 GB - this is due to limitations in 
Infortrends internal organization of RAID controller's architecture 
(as well as the limitation  to logical drives of 2 TB in size)

This limitation is solved and a new functions like individual 
stripe sizes on a per logical drive basis are implemented with 
firmware 3.31 and above. Since at least Sun's (and Dothill's?) 
notation on f/w release versions is sth. different, there's maybe a 
chance that the 3.31  release is already available from Sun ...
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