SUMMARY: Update: system vs user CPU usage

From: Jordi Vidal <>
Date: Fri Jan 30 2004 - 10:12:22 EST
Thanks to 

Anthony Talltree 
Genovezos, George   
Rich Teer   
Jay Lessert
Rich Teer  
Kevin Buterbaugh
Randy Millis 

	- Load Average less than 4 * number of cpus is ok.
	- sys% vs %usr ratio depends on how the aplications work. It may 
be ok for a web server (our web server is an apache). If always reads the 
same files, them may be cached an readed from memory so i/o% will be low 
and %sys apreciable. Same with NFS servers.

	- Some body asked me about the graphs. We use the orca grapher
package and the free data collector from the SE-Toolkit.  
We cannot live without them :-)
Dpto. Ticnico
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