SUMMARY: 3270 emulator

From: Bruce Purcell <>
Date: Fri Mar 19 2004 - 11:41:06 EST
What I like about this group is that you get real answers. Thanks to all who
replied. As usual, too many good answers to mention everyone by name. The
number one package recommended was x3270.3.x.x.x -- the x's being various
versions. There were a number of websites all pointing back to this same
software, the most common being

We aren't putting up the server for the SunRays for about 2 weeks, so I
haven't installed it yet, but all of the replies were from people using the
package. Thanks again to all.

Bruce Purcell

Original question:
>We are looking at using Sun Rays to replace our workstations. Of 
>course, this means coming up with lots of alternate software from good 
>old Windows. One of the pieces of software we are looking for is client 
>3270 emulator software to access our mainframe. Freeware is best, but I 
>didn't see any on the Sun freeware site. I've found at least one that 
>we would have to purchase -- PowerTerm.
>Any recommendations are welcome. Thanks.
>Bruce Purcell
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