SUMMARY: Jumpstart post_install device creation

From: Derek Olsen <>
Date: Thu Mar 11 2004 - 14:30:41 EST
     So applying the /dev/random patch to the jumpstart boot image was the
suggestion ie:
	patchadd -C /usr/local/jumpstart/Solaris_8/Solaris_8/Tools/Boot \

       Upon installation of the patch I then created the devices and dev
links manually in the jumpstart boot image dev and devices directories.
And that worked perfectly!

  Thanks to the following people for putting me on the right track!

Darren Dunham
Dagobert Michelsen
Holger Pfaff
Crist J. Clark

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Date: Thu, 11 Mar 2004 09:25:38 -0800 (PST)
From: Derek Olsen <>
Subject: Jumpstart post_install device creation

      THanks for listening to my story.

 	I am running solaris 8 mu7 (sparc).  In this scenario the
jumpstart client is an ac200.  I used to apply additional pkgs/patches to
the jumpstart client via init scripts now I have the additional
patches/pkgs applied directly out of the post_install script.  I have one
problem where the ssh pkg we have built depends on /dev/random and the
/dev/random patch (112438-02) has been applied but the machine has not yet
rebooted since this is all taking place during the initial boot install.

	So I tested applying patch 112438-02 to a fresh install of Solaris
8 (mu7) and without rebooting I was able to create /dev/random and then
apply the open ssh pkg without any problems.
	Steps I used to create /dev/random without rebooting:
	perl -i -ne 'print unless /^random/' /etc/name_to_major
	add_drv -m '* 0644 root sys' random

	So I added the following lines to my post_install script after
patch 112438-02 and before the ssh pkg gets applied:

	perl -i -ne 'print unless /^random/' /a/etc/name_to_major
        add_drv -f -b /a -m '* 0644 root sys' random

	I captured the exit code of the 2 previous commands and both exit
with a 0 during the post_install.   However it appears that the devices
and links are not actually getting built and so the ssh pkg install fails.
I can easily work around this by adding ssh pkg via an init script but I
am really curious why I am not able to get this to work from the
post_install script when it works without rebooting on a box that is not
in the process of being jumpstarted.
	Once again thanks for listening and I appreciate any insight.
	TIA.  Derek.

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