SUMMARY: Monitor tcp traffic on a port

From: Gary P Carr <>
Date: Tue Mar 09 2004 - 11:59:36 EST
Original question:

 > Does anyone know of a tool that would allow us to monitor the traffic on a
 > single tcp connection. Things like send and receive queue lengths, number
 > packets, retransmits, etc.

Thanks for all the replies. The suggested tools were various sniffers 
(snoop, ethereal, etc) and variations on local host network stat tools like 
netstat, lsof, or ntop.

I wanted more info than you can get from netstat or lsof, and less detailed 
info that you typically get from sniffers like snoop or ethereal.

I think ntop may do pretty much what I want, but I have not been able to 
get the package version from Sunfreeware to run on my machines. I have a 
source tar package, need to build from scratch and try it.
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