SUMMARY: Jumpstart from non-Solaris Freezing

From: Crist Clark <>
Date: Tue Mar 02 2004 - 12:35:40 EST
Thanks for several responses, Darren Dunham got me looking in the
right place, but Ole Morten would have lead me to the exact problem
if I hadn't found it from Darren's suggestion first.

On the diskless root directory, <jumpstart>/Solaris_8/Tools/Boot,
the nodes in devices/pseudo had not been copied over from the CDROM
correctly. A simple,

   # cd <jumpstart>/Solaris_8/Tools/Boot/devices/pseudo
   # (cd /cdrom/Solaris_8/Tools/Boot/devices/pseudo; tar cf - .) | tar xf -

Did the trick. The system now net boots just fine.

(Note that if I had just used the CDROM, I would not have run into this

Crist Clark wrote:
> I have an old Ultra 1 with no removable media drives so to install
> a new OS, a Jumpstart is the only real choice. It is the only Sun on
> its LAN. Since rarpd, bootparamd, tftp and NFS are standard Unix tools
> (and since I know others have done this), there is no reason I shouldn't
> be able to do this with another OS. In this case, the Jumpstart server
> is FreeBSD.
> Everything starts fine, the rarpd, the tftp of inetboot, the mount of
> the root FS over NFS, and the start of the boot. But then things just
> seem to freeze up and I'm not sure why. I'm stuck on how to get better
> debugging information to figure out what the problem is. After the
> system mounts /, I would think we're pretty much good to go. I've been
> booting like,
>  ok> boot net -v
> And the messages all look normal (the only error being "whoami: no 
> domain name," which we pass by and is a well known, non-fatal thing
> for Jumpstarts). Things just freeze once I get to,
>   cpu0: SUNW,UltraSPARC (upaid 0 impl 0x10 ver 0x40 clock 200 MHz)
> And network activity stops.
> Anyone have any ideas what the problem may be or ways to figure out
> what the problem is?
> For reference, here's /etc/bootparams,
>   jojo root=blossom:/jumpstart/install/Solaris_8/Tools/Boot \
>        install=blossom:/jumpstart/install/Solaris_8  \
>        boottype=:in \
>        rootopts=:rsize=32768
> Since things get to mounting the root filesystem, I think the rarpd,
> tftp, and filesystem exports all are good. Yes, those paths are not
> "standard," but they are correct for this server.
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