SUMMARY: Disksuite: issue with mirrored bootdisk

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Date: Tue Mar 23 2004 - 07:28:19 EST
Original question:

Hi guru's,

I guess this is a pretty simple problem, but I want to know for sure....

I have an E250, with a mirrored bootdisk. Now, the disk which contains the
second submirror
of /, /usr, /var and swap has died. A metastat shows that this disk needs

Now, can I just metadetach the submirrors from the defective disk, bring
down the system (As an E250 cannot hot-swap disks) replace the disk, bring
up the system, and reattach the submirror again (Just like a regular disk
replacement procedure ?). I don't know for sure if I need to perform
additional steps because it's a root mirror. I can't find anything in the
manuals about this.


First of all, drives in a E250 ARE hot swappable.

Second, I can handle a rootmirror the same as a regular mirror.

This is what I did:

- deleted the metadb's on the defective disk
- Then I replaced the defective disk with a new one.
- copied the vtoc from the first bootdisk to the new one.
- gave a metareplace command for all four metadevices

It started resyncing, and after about 50 minutes it was ready.

That was all.

Thanks to Mats Oberg, Trevor McLachlan, Eivind Nordbye and Tobias
Kronwitter for their help !

Kind regards,

Andy Kannberg
System Manager
LG Philips Displays Eindhoven
The Netherlands
tel: 040 - 2304678
fax: 040 - 2785405
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