SUMMARY: Sunfire V65x Memory Compatibility?

From: Aaron Taylor <>
Date: Mon Mar 01 2004 - 20:33:26 EST
My thanks to Tim Chipman, Andrew Hall, Francois Dion, David Foster, 
Simon Burr, Chris Ventura, Kris Hogg, Ryan, and Mike.

Original question was:

> We have purchased some used V65x servers but need to put 4Gb of RAM in
> them. From looking at Sunsolve, it seems they just use Registered ECC
> DDR266 DIMMs. If this is correct, would any good quality memory that
> matches these specifications work? Of course, I will need to put them in
> pairs.

First, there was the disclaimer that Sun will not support the system 
anymore if you put this kind of memory in. In our case, since the 
systems are used, that's not an issue but it could be for people that 
bought their equipment new.

Secondly, that kind of memory will work fine in these machines. Francois 
pointed out that the memory Sun sells is Infineon anyway. A number of 
people recommended Kingston and Crucial's websites and memory 
configurators for their prices, warranties, and quality.

Simon Burr pointed out that the V65x is just an Intel SE7501WV2 
motherboard and Intel SR2300 Chassis. Incidentally, thanks Simon as this 
makes it a lot cheaper to buy rails for the units now :)


   -Aaron Taylor
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