SUMMARY: NetApp Filers using Ontap

From: Andy Kinghorn <>
Date: Mon Feb 23 2004 - 23:28:14 EST
In SUMMARY don't by fooled by everything below (Blind leading the BLIND
May I THANK everyone who replied (about 45 responses), very new to this BB, a
shock being an HPUX man myself (is their an equivalent BB?)

ONTAP is the Network Appliance filer operating system software which is
installed locally on the NetApp filer itself, usually in "vol0" and the
filer's root partition can be NFS mounted on the system server for viewing and
editing files, but you will need to login and refresh any changes made
manually. Latest version 6.5.xxxx
The NetApp filers are basically an NFS Server (CIFS, DAFS, iSCSI or FC), seems
quite straight forward.

To Connect: either TELNET or RSH (remsh) then type ? to get the prompt
                            Your may also TELNET FILER_IP_Addr Port_80 (to get
a Web based GUI apparently?)

ONTAP commands are loosely based upon BSD? (Top 10 Commands in no order!)
1. SYSCONFIG    (Hardware Config)
2. SYSSTAT        (Report Performance)
3. QTREE            (Create & Manage Qtree's)
4. EXPORTFS      (Export /dir to NFS clients)
5. SNAP              (Snapshot backups)
6. VOL                (add, create, copy, destroy, stat, etc, etc)
7. QUOTA           (Controls Filer disk quotas)
8. CIFS               (Various Services)
9. DUMP             (Dumps a Filesystem to tape etc)
10. DF                (Disk Usage)

A great Link of stored .pdf files of both Software manuals and Hardware
products to be found at:

Help is also available from the filer command line, via the filer's internal
and via Network Appliance support website. [
(support subscription required)]

  Hello Sun Managers,
    Is the ONTAP software installed locally on a "NetApp Filer" which I telnet
    or is it installed on the system server end?  I am looking on the Web for
a COMMANDS cookbook on ONTAP top 10 instructions used? can anyone help me on
this. Many thanks in advance. Andrew

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