SUMMARY: L25 tape drive error

From: Dave Landsiedel <>
Date: Wed Jan 14 2004 - 16:18:12 EST
First, I would like to thanks those who replied.
Jay Lessert
Dale Hircher
Matt Ungaro
Wayne Walter

This email list is outstanding for the wealth of
knowledge it provides.  But the error I had is not
one that happens every day.

My L25 jukebox was under SUN warranty so I opened a ticket.  Sun replaced
a SCSI controller card in my 280R server but still had the same problem.
The ticket was escalated up to Quantum since it was a Quantum SDLT220
They sent me a new SDLT220 to put into the jukebox and things are working

Thanks once again for the input, it's great to read other peoples posts.



I have a SUN L25 jukebox with one SuperDLT drive installed.  It is
connected to a SUN 280R running
Solaris 8.  I use Legato 7 for my backup software.  I have been using this
setup since May of 2003, things
have been working great.

Now I am having an issue trying to mount a tape.  I am trying to
troubleshoot whether or not I have a hardware
issue or software.

Here is the error I get in /var/adm/messages and in the messages in Legato.

Thu 14:17:50 media warning: /dev/rmt/0cbn opening:
Thu 14:17:50 /dev/rmt/0cbn read open error: drive status is There is a tape
cartridge fault

I have rebooted the Sun server, powered off and then back on the jukebox.
I still get the same error when I try to mount a tape via the software.
I have tried using nsrjb -H  and nsrjb -HE
Also, tried     mt -f /dev/rmt/0cbn status    but it returns  " No tape
loaded or drive offline"  doesn't matter if I have a cartridge
in the drive or not.

I can move a cartridge from one slot into the SDLT drive via the front
control panel without any problem.  It will inventory
all the tapes via their barcodes, but I am unable to mount or even label a
new tape.

I am thinking about deleting the /dev/rmt/* files and trying to re-create.
Just trying to find out if it is a hardware issue or a software

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