SUMMARY: SunFire V100 boot error & Trying to boot from previously failed disk on SunFire V100

From: Andrew Davis <>
Date: Wed Jan 07 2004 - 13:57:55 EST
Thank you all for you assistance. I received enough emails to at least 
determine there was nothing more I could do. Here's the short synopsis:

I was able to boot from a CD and fsck slices 0,3,4,5, and 6 (1 was swap, 
2 is the obvious overlap, and 7 was unused). The fsck was not enough. 
After rebooting I had the same error.

I then booted from CD again and tried reinstalling the bootblk. This too 
did not work... rebooting generated the same error.

On try #3 I tried mounting the various slices. The could all mount, but 
none had data in them. I had a new lost+found after the fsck's, but only 
had a few files relating to /usr and /etc... nothing of value to me.

I was able to see the drive under format. I did a non-destructive 
analyze and it finished without error.

One of the Sun guys on the list suggested that it was *possible* that if 
I had patchsets applied that were newer than my boot media, that I might 
not be able to see the data, but it might actually be there. So with 
nothing to lose, I re-installed and protected slice 6 (which had the 
date I needed). After the re-install, I mounted and checked slice 6, but 
it was still empty.

So at this point, the disk is absolutely fine and let me do an fsck, but 
there's no data on it. I'm guessing that perhaps something related to 
the inode table was corrupted or lost. Not sure, but the system's data 
is a lost cause now.

Thanks for all your help nonetheless.
Andrew Davis, Founder
Linux Consultation & Integration Services
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