Summary: Setting TWO ffb resolutions in OBP?

From: James Noyes <>
Date: Tue Dec 16 2003 - 03:22:52 EST
Well, I ended up answering my own question.  It took a few minutes digging
into the OBP Reference Manual and - shall we say - "experimenting".
It turns out that just by referencing the device name with the
":rWWWWxHHHHxRR" suffix, that mode will be set.  Ultimately, entering:

" /SUNW,ffb@1d,0:r1600x1200x75" select-dev

at the OK prompt got me exactly the results I wanted.  All I have to do now is
add that line (exactly as it appears - the quotes and space are significant)
to my nvramrc, and I have a permanent config, just the way I want it!

Hopefully this will save someone else the hassle some day.

James Noyes
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