Summary:A5000 connected to Ultra2?

From: Loukinas, Jeremy <>
Date: Tue Dec 30 2003 - 13:45:39 EST
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Subject: Re: A5000 connected to Ultra2?

It is very possible. That is actually the first of the Ultra line to 
support it. You need X6730A which is part #540-2989 or #501-5266. It is 
a 64-bit Sbus card and will not work in anything other than the Ultra2, 
SS1000, SC2000, or E-series. This is what I use at home. Let me know if 
it gives you any issues.

   -Aaron Taylor

Loukinas, Jeremy wrote:

>Is it possible to connect an A5000 to an Ultra2? If so what Fiber card is
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