SUMMARY: smc, patch management and blowfish/md5 encrypted root passwd

From: Kevin Sindhu <kevin.a.sindhu_at_Mail.AC>
Date: Tue Dec 16 2003 - 17:29:17 EST
Hi All,

	This is an automatic summary. I didn't ask this question before on 
sunmanagers, but after a day of fiddling around with passwords managed 
to find a bug in sun's sun management console.

Ok, simply said: smc does not support blowfish/md5 encrypted passwords 
in /etc/shadow

* I wrote a little how to long time ago on changing the default 
alg./password length for Solaris:

Sun's patch manager extensively use's Solaris Management Console 
server for patch admin. However if you've setup root passwd to be a 
blowfish/md5 encrypted password, you'll never be authenticated.

Workaround (change back to __unix__ from blowfish/md5):

1) Change /etc/security/policy.conf back to using

2) Edit the password field to be null in /etc/shadow for root (be 
careful here)

3) Change the password for root.

4) Restart smc. You should be able to login now.

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