SUMMARY:nis server unreachable error when initializing nis client

From: Dave Martini 1 <>
Date: Mon Dec 15 2003 - 13:23:07 EST

The problem was the host was not in the /etc/hosts.allow file.

My original question 

I'm trying to initialize an NIS+ client running solaris 9
08-03 version.
I get this error 

Error: Could not create a valid NIS+ coldstart file NIS+ servers unreachable.
**ERROR: nisinit failed.

When running  this command

/usr/lib/nis/nisclient -v -i -h server -a serverip -d domainname.

I have the client in the host table on the nis+ server.
I have the DES credentials created on the nis+ server.
I can ping the server from the client.
I have the serverse hostname and ip address in the /etc/hosts file on the client.
I have the nsswitch.nisplus file in use and the hosts entry
as files nisplus dns
I have the /etc/defaultdomain file set with the name of our nis+ domain
I have the /etc/resolv.conf file set with the domain name and 3 dns servers.

Any info would be great.
Dave Martini
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