SUMMARY: Installing different release of Solaris - effects on reading older file systems?

From: Steve Howie <>
Date: Thu Dec 11 2003 - 09:33:57 EST
God I love this list -  6 responses within an hour!

Anyway thanks to the following who replied

Rich Teer
Jay Lessart
Casper Dik
David Foster
Angel Alejandro Vega Sota
Jin Vandevegt
Luc I Suryo
Eli Shamszadeh
Geoff Reed
Michael Lehmann

The unanimous verdict is that it's no problem whatsoever, aside from 
obvious things like not letting the install program access the second 
disk and accidently newfs partitions on it. I should also point out my 
choice of words wasn't the best when I posed the original question - I 
meant to say *install* Solaris 9 over the Solaris 8 system, not 
*upgrade* Sol8 -> Sol9. No matter - it's still ok for Solaris 9 to read 
Solaris 8 formatted file systems

Thanks again to those who responded!


Original message:

> We have an 18Gb. disk installed in a 280R containing only user data.
> This disk (not the root volume) was partitioned and file systems created
> using Solaris 8. If we were to upgrade the OS on the 280R to Solaris 9 -
> not involving this disk in the install process for any file systems such
> as /var or whatever, would there be any filesystem related issues after
> remounting the file systems on this disk under the new operating system?
> Problems accessing the data? Unix 'format' command problems? etc
> In other words, can Solaris 9 access correctly file systems created
> under Solaris 8?
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