SUMMARY: Dual Boot Solaris .. But for Intel

From: Marco Greene (Home) <>
Date: Thu Dec 11 2003 - 07:23:23 EST
Thanks to all that replied, especially Darren Dunham.

As it turn out it is possible and it works quite well.  I will be testing
the full restore later this morning on the actual server in question.

When you install the second instance you need to do an INITIAL install and
then preserve all of the other partitions....for filesystems, I just renamed
the mount point by prefixing it with a /a.  In my case I only needed to
install the core OS and then install the VRTS NBU agent.

The key is to pay attention to the bootpath before you go and install the
second instance.  Write it down and then install.  Then to change it all
that is required is to go into the DCA and when you are given the option of
where to boot from, select BOOT TASKS...then you can go and change the
bootpath and boot from the disk.

Alternatively, if the system is up and running and you want to change to the
bootpath it should be possible to do this with the eeprom command.  (This I
haven't had a chance to test yet.)

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