SUMMARY: disk problem

From: Margareth Irene Schaffer <>
Date: Wed Dec 10 2003 - 13:29:50 EST
   Hello SunManagers

   Thanks for all the instantaneous responses. Thanks to the following people for all their ideas & help: 

J. Oquendo
Alfredo De Luca
Alan Pae
Casper Dik 

   Thanks in special to Casper Dik that send me a program wrote in C that resolved my problem.

   Best Regards

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>   Hello SunManagers
>   We have a SunBlade 2000, with a IDE disk of 72Gb with Solaris 8. This
> disk became a corrupt label error. The comand format had iidentified the
> disk and wrote a label but the partition table is not correct. It is a
> way to discover where one partition begin and where finish ?
>    Thanks in advance for any idea.
>         Margareth
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