SUMMARY: Ultra 60 in distress

From: Jack Matthews <>
Date: Mon Dec 08 2003 - 19:44:08 EST
 I had lots of help on this one. However, the closest, most direct help,
came from Tim Chipman. The problem was an NFS mount that timed out.
Most guessed it was a network connection of some sort.

In Order of appearence:

Alan Pae
Neil Hunt
Chris Fishwick
Rick Anderson
Tim Chapman
Sonny Ballargeon

Thanks again gentlemen, this is a great org!

Best Regards,

Jack Matthews
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Subject: Ultra 60 in distress

I have an ultra 60 that was working fine then the Solaris version 8 did
not want to boot.
I have tried a boot -s and a boot -r and no luck it boots up till the
line where it sets the IPv4 default route 224.0:/loeb then it just sits
there.  I can only Stop A and startup boot again.
I can get it to boot in single user mode if I go into maintenance mode.

Ultra 60 2 x300Mhz 500mb ram patched and was functioning as a
workstation on LAN w/no problems. openboot prom 3.27
Thanks for any help,

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