SUMMARY: tcsh shell problem

From: Dinesh Kelvin Paul <>
Date: Wed Dec 17 2003 - 01:43:28 EST
Thanks  gurus for your replies.

i had to edit the  /etc/passwd file and change any '/usr/local/bin/tcsh' to 
and it worked fine.

The reason as why this happened is as poinetd out:

When you're logged as root and type 'tcsh', it finds one which is in the
PATH environment variable. But at login time, there is no such environment
variable yet, and no tcsh found since the path you provided is wrong.

Hi Dinesh,

>i have just installed solaris 8 on my machine and when i type
>tcsh, the tcsh
>shell starts up when i am logged in as root.
>however i have created a normal user with default shell as tcsh
>but when try
>to log in it fails. it say "no shell"
>i searched for the /usr/local/bin/tcsh and the folder/file and does not
>exist so that is why i cant log in as a normal user. HOwever I am
>as to how when i am logged in a root and type "tcsh" and the shell comes
>into place.why is this ?
>also is there some other path where this tcsh shell might be located?

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