[SUMMARY]: Solaris 2.6 expiry?

From: Daniel Denes <Daniel.Denes_at_bg-sys.de>
Date: Tue Dec 16 2003 - 08:05:46 EST
Excellent response times, as usual. Thanks a lot to:

C. Saul, P. Kallberg, R. Kalsi, A. Madden, L. Handy, P. Grostabussiat,
M. Lehmann and S. Burr for pointing me towards the support matrix:


Basically for Solaris 2.6, the patch supply ended by 07/23/2003, the
general support and access to existing patches will continue until

Oh, also thanks to
Shawn Tagseth <Shawn.Tagseth@crystaldecisions.com>,
Jagtar Ghuman <jghuman@infostream.ca>,
"MA, Wallace, FM" <Wallace.MA@rbos.com>,
"TRUCKS, JESSE (SBCSI)" <jt9873@sbc.com>,
and Ken Huang <khuang@brownco.com>
for letting me know they are on vacation/oracle training/mission to
mars etc.

Original question:

 Hello List,

 apologies for the simple question but i have some time pressure here
 and the answer was not obvious on sunsolve. Can anyone point me to
 some document that will clarify exactly when which OS version expires
 in terms of support and patches?


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