[SUMMARY] sendmail question

From: <chen.w_at_comcast.net>
Date: Mon Dec 08 2003 - 16:31:07 EST
Many thinks to Crist Clark, ippy@optonline.net and Chris Pinnock.

The solution is: put the frodo.domain and app.domain into local-host-names file in the /etc/mail. I belive using virual domain is another option, but we use the same domain, so we are not necessary to go that farhter.

My orignal post was:

There are two network interfaces on an host, each one is binding an IP.
The IPs have DNS entry, frodo( host name ) and app. I can send email to a user 
on that machine like user@frodo.domain, but I can not send email to 
user@app.domain. What is the easy sulotion? Thanks.
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