Summary: "unknown" host

From: Bruce Purcell <>
Date: Mon Dec 22 2003 - 19:17:01 EST
Okay, so I RTFM'd a bit more and answered my own question. /etc/nodename was
gone. Sorry to have bothered you all.

Bruce Purcell

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Subject: "unknown" host

I am running Solaris 9 for Intel on a Dell Optiplex GX115.

My hostname is "unknown". I don't quite understand why. My hostname.elxl0
file reads "wa567sun", my hosts file has 2 entries:    localhost    wa567sun    loghost

I get my proper IP address, everything appears okay and everything works, it
is just coming from host "unknown". I verified that hostname.elxl0 is
spelled correctly. I must be missing something simple -- can someone kick me
the right direction?. Thanks in advance.

Bruce Purcell
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