Summary: Java performance very slow compared to Windows

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Date: Thu Nov 20 2003 - 01:11:01 EST
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It was a java performance issue.
I used the "-server" option of java which reduced the processing time
drastically to 2 seconds with Jdk 1.4.1 on Solaris.
More info. On this is at:

Original post:

I have tried to profile a simple java program on a solaris box to
compare jdk performance with windows box. To my surprise the results was
very surprising.

The m/c i tried was a sun box with 2 cpu & 2 GB RAM and windows box was
AMD with 256 MB RAM.

With Jdk 1.4.1 the processing time in windows was just 4 seconds and in
solaris it was around 42 seconds. By changing to solaris native JDk (ie
1.2) the time reduced to 9 sec, still did not perform better then

Any thoughts and suggestions what causing the problem. I got verified
the sun box configuration in terms of memory, swap size,etc by solaris
expert and he reported it to be all fine. I have also verified the
latest patches for solaris box and it is upto date.


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