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From: Roetman, Paul <>
Date: Mon Nov 24 2003 - 18:25:42 EST
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I am looking for some "simple" software to monitor daily sysadmin tasks, and
email when the thresholds get broken....found "CheckSuite" on - it's
nearly perfect, but tailored to Linux... Has anyone ported this to Solaris?
Or have similar software? Is there any interest in porting this to Solaris?
It is currently written in Perl, so only the OS commands need to be

Thanks to 

  Christopher Saul
  Mitchell L Bruntel
  Joe Fletcher
  Christopher Saul 
  Bevan Broun
  Bertrand Hutin

The list of suggestions:

  nagios         <> 
  Big Brother    <> 
  Sun Management Centre   Sun Distribution disks
  Logwatch       <> 
  Cronlister		  see code below

I will install and try both nagios and SMC, but will steer clear of Big
Brother (free license is for non-commercial use only). 

Logwatch is great for monitoring logs, but other tests cannot be developed
for it....So this package does not quite fit the bill...

And last but not least, I will review Cronlister! Although I only have a
small number of it could be a little overkill!

I also found there is a whole swag of tools out there for monitoring
Networks, but that is beyond the scope of what I am trying here!

Thanks everyone



It runs as root (becasue of PW /crontab checks)
# --cronlister cron job
# /bin/ksh
# Last revised 03/25/03
# 8/20/03 to auto-create subdir/monyr and put THERE!
# no more moving monthly. PAIN.
# new permanent home is /var/adm/cron-reports/MMM/yy/sys/filename,etc
# MUST run as root for proper permisssions for delete, list,etc # will look
at cron listing for given system # "Constanats" # sys, date,time # out/error
files # Declare: curdate=`date +%m%d%y` tardir=`date +%b%y` #
maindir=/var/adm/cron-reports maindir=/var/adm/cron-reports # tardir= NEW
target directory sys=`uuname -l` # output goes into /var/adm
# Now do sudo check on this system
grep sudo /var/adm/* > $sulog 2>>$sulog
if [ ! -d $maindir/$tardir ]
        then mkdir $maindir/$tardir
                # make the directory
                echo "A directory called " $maindir/$tardir  " was just
created" >$of ; fi # ok dest dir now exists!

if [ -f $of ]
        then rm -f $of
        echo "Removing previous report run of day" >$of ;
# First check if dest directory exists
# next define, get userlist
# first check if file exists if so, delete, otherwise just create if [ -f
$ul ]; then
        rm -f $ul;
        cut -f1 -d: /etc/passwd >$ul;
        cut -f1 -d: /etc/passwd >$ul;

# Now user list created, next"
# Creae RPT HEader here
usrhed="User: "
hed="!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! User Cron Listing Created  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! " # this is
report heading:
        echo $hed  >> $of  2>>$of
        echo $usrfoot " on system"  $sys " at " `date` >> $of  2>>$of for i
in `cat $ul` do
        echo $usrhed $i >> $of  2>>$of
        echo $i "'s pasword status: " `passwd -s $i` >> $of  2>>$of
        crontab -l $i  >> $of 2>> $of
        echo $usrfoot  >> $of 2>> $of
ls -la $of
cat $of
echo " NOW add sulog report here "
echo $usrfoot
echo " SULOG for " $curdate
cat /var/adm/sulog
echo $usrfoot
echo " LAST log  " $curdate
last -30
echo $usrfoot
echo "sudo checkup here"
cat $sulog
echo $usrfoot
#--end of -cronlister
I have it in my root crontab as :
 02 05 * * * /export/home/xxxxx/cronlister
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