SUMMARY: query UFS parameters

From: Smoko Mr Charles <>
Date: Fri Nov 21 2003 - 10:59:22 EST
To see filesystem parameters, do a fstyp -v raw_disk_device

OR to see what parameters were used in the form of a
mkfs command (i.e. and the arguments used), do a:
mkfs -m  raw_disk_device

Thanks to all who responded,
Chuck Smoko
| Hello,
| I have some systems that I am now managing in my place
| of employment.  I was not person who set them up, but
| I want to know some of the filesystem setup parameters.
| Tunefs allows me to "adjust" a few of them, but it does
| not show me what they are first.  It does tell me what
| it just was after I set a value.  I also can not seem
| to see the other relevant parameters like logical block
| size or the fragment size that was set when the file
| system was made.
| Does anyone know of a utility that lists the various
| parameters of a filesystem?
| Chuck
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