SUMMARY: Question on fssnap scratch space

From: Ric Anderson <ric_at_Opus1.COM>
Date: Thu Dec 04 2003 - 22:28:25 EST
Original question:
> > Does anyone have a handle on how much scratch space
> > fssnap requires per GB in use?  I'm looking to use this
> > to get a backup of one particularly obnoxious file system
> > that I can't find an idle window for.
> > 
All responses stated pretty much the same thing:  Scratch
space is used to hold the original version of blocks that changed
while the fssnap was active, so its size is activity related
rather than being related to filesystem size or used space.
The file is "sparse" so don't get freaked out by the "ls -l"
output; use "du -k" to determine space used.

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