SUMMARY : How to identify LVD/HVD for a SCSI SBUS card ?

From: DAUBIGNE Sebastien - BOR ( ) <>
Date: Wed Dec 03 2003 - 14:40:19 EST
Firstly, many thanks for the dozen of people who helped me to understand all
this SCSI terminology mess.
The sunmanager list is truly amazing, I would not hope getting such a quick
and valuable help from Sun support.

Now for my question, I'm 100% sure that X1062A and  L3500 DLT are HVD.
The confusion comes from the "Differential" label, which, left alone, means
HVD only.
Even if LVD is differential too, it is never labeled "Differential", but
"LVD" or "LVD/SE" if compatible with SE.
So the L3500 link on SunHandBook is wrong stating that X1062A is LVD.

I also double-check the connectors on the rear side of the L3500, there are
HVD diamonds (there are 4 types : SE, HVD, LVD, LVD/SE).

Aaron Taylor also has the same X1062A card and confirmed this is an HVD

Finally, I will quote Ben Rockwood's answer as it gives many useful
Thanks again.

This is an HVD device.  Search for ISP1000 and you get a PDF manual
for the " SBus Wide Intelligent Ultra SCSI Diff Host Adapter Guide ".
Generally speaking, if you just see the words " Differential " it's HVD.
Because LVD devices are also SE compatable it's either not pointed out
thatit's LVD or it's explicetly said LVD not just Diff.
I understand your frustration, I went thru this too awhile back.  Just a
refresher for you...
1)	HVD can not support Single Ended (SE or normal SCSI) devices.
2)	LVD can support both LVD and SE devices
3)	LVD and HVD are not in any way compatable, you can not put LVD
devices on a HVD controller, and you can not put HVD devices on a LVD
controller.  In this way you can think of there being 2 destinct forms of
4)	You can tell which is which in 2 ways.  First, HVD cables are much
thicker than LVD/SE cables usually.  Second, look at the SCSI symbol.

To refresh yourself on SCSI symbols look here
<> ) at the bottom of the
page.  Notice, HVD has a < outside the SCSI dimond, whereas the LVD has it
Whenever you see that angle outside the dimand your looking at an HVD
Never mix LVD and HVD because of diffrence in voltages you can do serious
As for getting part numbers from the OS, you can't rely on it, sometimes
it'll be there, sometimes it won't.  If it's not, take the part description
(in this case QLGC,ISP1000) and look it up in the FE Handbook
<> ) to see what you find.
Good luck, hope this helps.
Sebastien DAUBIGNE
<>  - (+33)
SchlumbergerSema - SGS/DWH/Pessac

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De:	DAUBIGNE Sebastien  - BOR ( )
Date:	mercredi 3 dicembre 2003 19:11
Objet:	FOLLOW-UP : How to identify LVD/HVD for a SCSI SBUS card ?

Well, in spite of all useful information you send to me (many thanks), I'm
still a bit confused :

On the robotic side (L3500), there is a "double diamond" logo on each SCSI
connector, with a "SCSI Diff" label : that should mean "HVD", right ?

On the server side (E6500), I have cards which were bought with reference
I checked on Sunsolve, but there are two contradictory labels for "X1062A"

-	On the E6500 link
<> )
the label is "Differential Fast/Wide SCSI-2 (DWIS/SBus)(LVD)" : that should
mean "LVD" ??
-	On the L3500 link
<> )
the label is "Differential Fast/Wide SCSI-2 Host Adapter (DWIS/S)" : that
should mean "HVD" ??

The card has "ISP1000" chip, and the chip is labeled "Single Ended or
Differential" : that should mean "HVD", right ?

I suspect the "LVD" term in the L3500 link to be wrong, am I right ?
Sebastien DAUBIGNE
<>  - (+33)
SchlumbergerSema - SGS/DWH/Pessac

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De:	DAUBIGNE Sebastien  - BOR ( )
Date:	mercredi 3 dicembre 2003 14:38
Objet:	How to identify LVD/HVD for a SCSI SBUS card ?


Our E6500 has 2 SBUS F/W SCSI Differential cards, connected to a Sun
StorEdge L3500 DLT robotic device.

The problem is : I don't know if the cards are LVD or HVD ?

Here is the "prtdiag"output for theses 2 cards :

9   SBus   25            0  QLGC,isp/sd (block)               QLGC,ISP1000

9   SBus   25            1  QLGC,isp/sd (block)               QLGC,ISP1000

I don't know how to get the Part Number from the OS.
Any idea ?

Sebastien DAUBIGNE
<>  - (+33)
SchlumbergerSema - SGS/DWH/Pessac
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