Summary: Stupid Hardware Question-Ultra10

From: Bruntel, Mitchell L, ALABS <>
Date: Tue Dec 02 2003 - 09:27:18 EST
Summary:  (thanks for the quick answers, as usual...)
thanks to  the following for swift sanity checking:
Hichael Morton
Gustavo A. Lozano
Oscar Ramos Peralta

Group consensus:
a) could be HW failure, like all stuff
b) Check Physical connectivity (Did that already)
c) Could be HD/SW corruption
d) Try reinstalling

SO, I'm reinstalling again,
Thanks again!

Dumb question.
I have an Ultra 10 workstation, plain vanilla, no additions
It was working FINE on solaris 5.8
Then Powered down.
Has anyone seen a hardware problem where the built in ethernet no longer

trying the ususal stuff at ok prompt didnt work,
comes up in standalone mode, cant ifconfig the interface (doesnt exist

Is it time to try a reinstall (again?)

Forgot to mention:
Checked cables, physical connectivity, etc, NO good:

Mitch Bruntel
AT&T Security
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