Summary: sun rack 900 power

From: Rob Ouellette <>
Date: Tue Dec 02 2003 - 06:53:12 EST
Hello All,

I received 3 responses to the question, original shown below, for a
recommendation on powering a sun rack 900 without the power distribution
system (PDS) that sun provides.  We don't want to install a 220V line.  We
want to stay with the standard plug and wall receptacles, since the rack is
not going to be heavily populated.


1. One Recommendation against buying a sun rack 900. The PDS is difficult
to install and the rack is not a sturdy as some of the older sun racks.

2. One recommendation to use a PDS that uses a 220V line.

3. One "Good luck".

Thanks everyone!

After we buy, setup and populate a rack, I'll re-post the summary.

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Hello All,

We are looking at buying a Sun Rack 900 without the 2,000.00 power
distribution system (PDS).  Has anyone found any products ( surge
suppressors, power strips ) that work/fit well with this rack.  Does the
solution require any additional mounting hardware?

We do not want to consider any solutions that require the use of a
receptacle other than the standard wall receptacle ( NEMA 5-15 ).

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