Summary: Don't see SCSI CARD

From: nick <>
Date: Thu Nov 27 2003 - 23:44:41 EST
Hello sunmanagers,
  Many thanks to all .
"If the PCI card does not have an OpenBoot
BIOS, it won't be visible to probe-scsi-all.
The Adaptec probably has an Intel friendly BIOS 
on it.  In addition, Solaris won't use the board
because there are no drivers for the Adaptec
"the card should be detected as a pci-device (show-devs) , but is not
supported as a hba in a Sun. Adaptec offers no drivers for Solaris SPARC.
Buy a Sun hba either single- or dual-channel. Other sources are LSI Logic
(only 53C875 based one), IntraServer, Antares or Qlogic. All these
manufacturers offer special cards (read: expensive) for use in a Sun."

for a list of Sparc compatible SCSI cards.  
> Hello sunmanagers,
>     I have got SPARCengine Ultra AXi workstation. I have inserted SCSI
>     card (AHA-39160)into PCI slot on its motherboard. After  that I
>     have not seen my new SCSI card in probe-scsi-all. Why it has taken
>     place? May be my motherboard don't support this kind of scsi card?
>     Thanks .
>     regards.

Best regards,
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