SUMMARY: Unknown Open Port

From: <>
Date: Wed Nov 26 2003 - 07:01:01 EST
Problem solved.

Thanks to:-
Jordan Klein (First with helpful advice)
Casper Dik
Julian Grunnel
Johan Hartzenberg
Thomas M. Payerle
Ric Anderson
Rich Kulawiec
Chris Price

Most of you suggested using lsof from ( or your nearest
mirror) which proved to be very helpful. "lsof -i tcp:32771"
showed you the process ID and name of the process listening on the port.
The culprit was statd, - network status  monitor - which, when disabled by
moving /etc/rc2.d/S73nfs.client ( I didn't need nfs), was swiftly replaced
by  ruserd. When that was disabled/commented out of inetd.conf  it was
replaced by inetd listening to nothing on that port.  I can live with that.
Other suggestions which proved interesting/useful were the use of rpcinfo:
rpcinfo -p
get the prognum
Then rpcinfo -b prognum version
To disable the service, use
rpcinfo -d

and Casper's comment:
It's also possible that these are the rpcbind call back ports in which case
you can't really close them.  (But the ports only accept RPC replies for
indirect RPC calls)

Interestingly, these ports had nothing to do with's VW Web
Services or eProcess which use these ports. Although Filenet were v helpful
in explaining what to do if they had been.



Original Q:
>Greetings SM's,
>     I am doing some security lock down activities on E250's running 2.6
>and this includes closing down any unrequired open ports. I've got them
>sorted except for
>32771, Filenet RMI ?
>32772 Filenet Process Analyser
>Does anybody know why these are there and how they can be closed?
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