SUMMARY: SAN Filesystems

From: Baillargeon, Sonny <>
Date: Tue Nov 25 2003 - 13:27:21 EST
 Thanks to all that replied to my inquiry about SAN Filesystems:
Scott Kelly
Naxhije Selimaj
Juergen Waiblinger
Fredrik Robertsson
Adam Levin
Joe Fletcher
and others....

Most of you suggested products that I've already looked into
unfortunately.  Most of the recommendations were Sun QFS and Veritas
VCS/Sanpoint.  Veritas I believe is cost prohibitive since it seems that
all the machines need to be part of a cluster in some sense.  I just
downloaded the manual and will look further into this.  If there was a
way to just have the CFS (Cluster File System) then perhaps it would be
feasible and not as cost prohibitive.  Sun QFS was a product that Sun
bought and it doesn't seem as flexible since it requires qfsdump and
qfsrestore.  I know in the Sun QFS manual they suggest on getting Tivoli
SANergy product to overlay QFS for sharing.  So I'm not completely sure
if it is what I need.

For those of you that aren't familiar with the SANergy product, it
seperates NFS control packets with data packets.  The NFS is done over
the LAN while the NFS data is done over the fiber network.  Therefore
the data traffic happens off network per se.  There is MCD (controller)
that controls and manages the filesystem.  The problem with this is that
I can only have 1 controller.  Tech support said that redundancy is only
available on W2k.

I am looking into the ADIC StorNext FS since it does exactly what I am
looking for although with the Veritas capabilities.  If I can format the
StorNext FS over a Vertias Volume on EMC while backing it up with
Legato, then I would be happy.

If anybody is using any of these products, I'd sure like to hear how
it's going.

Thanks for you help,

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