Summary: 3310 what capacity drives will work

From: Mike Myers <>
Date: Fri Nov 21 2003 - 11:24:25 EST
Well I only got one response and the rest were from out of office 
vacatiioners in Germany!  So this is the best summary I can offer.

Only Response:

Mike, we gave it a shot, couldn't get it to work, ended up going with the
6120 instead.  We had a couple Sun folks tell us it would work, tried it
for about a week, and due to time constraints went with the 6120.


Mike Myers said:
>Guru and Gurettes,
>I am looking at a project that we would like to use the 3310's with. We
>would like to use the 146 GB drives but we need to know if they are
>supported by the box. I know that Sun does not support them. Has anyone
>tried. I have not seen anything posted on this as of yet...Thanks and  I
>  will post.

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