SUMMARY (1): compile rdesktop on solaris 9

From: Gerard Henry <>
Date: Thu Nov 27 2003 - 15:56:13 EST
thanks for response from:
Kalle Estrvm
the hatter
Ole-Morten Dues
Christophe Dupr
Tim Chipman

yes, i have to install openssl because sun don't give lib ssl.
I do it and rdesktop (1.3.0) compile fine. I try to use it on a sunray appliance, now i have only windows login, i'm waiting for a password from other service.
With this discussion, i notice that problems will not end soon...
rdesktop is the only freeware to connect to a windows terminal server, but perhaps there is something wrong with m$ licence, according to Christophe Dupre:
"but I don't see how to handle licensing      
on the windows side: Windows server 2003 will happily give out a license        
to the rdekstop client, but the client won't store the license and will         
checkout another one for each connection, causing the server to run out."
I will test, and re-summarize if any.
We have to use it to connect to a financial application, i hope all works... 
pS: under macosx, m$ gives a free client to connect to its server!

here is my initial question:

> i want to compile rdesktop on my solaris 9, but it complains about lack of ssl libraries:
> ERROR: could not find OpenSSL headers
> (searched for include/openssl/rc4.h in:  /usr/openssl /usr/ssl /usr /usr/local/openssl /usr/local/ssl /usr/local)
> i don't find any ssl files in solaris 9. But sun ssh don't use ssl? is it possible to install ssl libraries from sun distribution? or do i have to install openssl from sunfreeware?
> PS: is there another product to connect to a windoes terminal server? such a product is free for macosx platform
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